Salford’s Growth

In recent years, we have taken management of many properties in and around Salford. London’s market has slowed down due to exceptionally high house prices. Therefore, investors and home buyers are migrating to cities like Salford/Manchester, taking advantage of the lower house prices.

Salford Quays has benefited from high regeneration over the past twenty years. Now a thriving business district, since the creation of Media City UK the popularity of Salford has increased massively.

According to Zoopla, the average value of a home in Salford has increased by 12% since Jan 2014, a growth rate higher even than London, which only recorded an 8.2% growth. Because of this Salford has great investment potential.

Salford is a great alternative to living in Manchester city centre. The growing number of shops, bars and restaurants, along with excellent public transport links, including several Metrolink stations, it’s clear why it’s favoured by young professionals, mature students and families.

Our buildings in the area offer an ultra-modern living for professionals working in an around Greater Manchester. Property prices in Salford have increased by 28.5% in the last 5 years – zoopla 2017 Salford is a great investment for any first-time buyer.


It was in 2004 that the UK government decided to move part of the BBC from London. By 2011 BBC moved creating an extra 2,700 working there. The university of Salford and ITV soon followed boosting the population further. In 2010 we saw a population of 215,100 with the first increase of 17,800 in 2011, this was just the start to Salford’s regeneration. To date we now record 261,000 living in Salford.

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