How we are looking after our mental health, inside and outside the office

Mental Health Officers

Mental Health can commonly be overlooked, and people can struggle to prioritise it. Additionally, there is many misconceptions that surround mental health, as being weak, or sees you as negative and many more. The reason we have Mental Health Officers at Xenia is because we understand the importance of it. All employees are looked after when it comes to their work responsibilities but also beyond the workplace environment.

We’d like you to meet our Mental Health Officers. We encourage people to speak out about problems they are experiencing but we also create a safe space for them to feel comfortable, which is important as the first conversation can be the hardest.

Gemma Redmond

She supports the wellbeing of employee’s based in either our Manchester or Altrincham office. We have asked her about how she tackles this important role for Xenia:

“Health within the workplace is paramount for an operation to exist and thrive. Health has two sides, your physical and mental wellbeing.

My role as Mental Health Officer is to respond and support our staff with any mental health difficulties they may be experiencing, pointing them in the right direction should further professional help be required and ensuring the correct aftercare is delivered.

We pride ourselves on creating and sustaining a positive working environment for all. To do this, we educate staff on mental health matters, and break down any stigmas that surrounds the subject. We promote ways of improving individuals’ well-being and encourage a safe setting where we can be open and honest. To allow potential problems to be recognised and supported.”

Nicci Lee

Xenia Students is nationwide Student Accommodation with properties across the country. Our site staff are supported by Nicci Lee, who has been with us for many years. Nicci Lee has wrote a few words on how she helps support the wellbeing of site staff:

“My role as Mental Health Officer is to be personal with our staff on site and students. I understand the stresses of moving away to university and how this can impact mental health, that’s why we pay close attention to our students in the building. We are partnered with Student Minds for direct advice on helping them, and how we can educate ourselves to support them every day. “

Continual learning and educating others on the pitfalls of mental health is incredibility important to help staff and our residents. We have raised £900 for Student Minds as we walked the ‘20 Mile Edale Skyline Walk from Hope Valley’. We are also taking part in the ‘Step into Spring’ challenge for March, aiming to reach 4,500km as we raise money for student minds to continue their support for students.

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