Why are the Insider Property Disruptors 2021 so Important?

With the Property Industry rapidly evolving and the major shift in priorities for all parties involved, gone are the days of blending into the background and allowing business to ‘tick on’.

Over the past decade we’ve seen a transformation in how the Property Industry is driven; moving away from the numbers game of building as many homes as possible, to stopping and really thinking about quality of life, place-making, and what impact we are having on our environment in the long term.

Would this change have occurred with businesses and individuals coasting along? Absolutely not.

Change is driven by challenge and Insider’s Property Disruptors certainly don’t shy away from pushing the boundaries and doing things in their own way.

It was therefore paramount for Xenia Estates to work with Insider on this feature, as without individuals who disrupt the industry, the Property Industry would be like Groundhog Day.

Some traditional elements of the Property Industry will always reign, such as health & safety and compliance, but as our personal demands change in our everyday lives and therefore our homes, so should the industry that creates them.

This is something Xenia Estates are passionate about, with the aim of creativity and innovation being at the forefront of the management we provide.

Watch this space for Insider’s new cohort of Property Disruptors, we can’t wait for Insider to reveal who has made the 2021 shortlist!

  • Written by Gemma Redmond, Business Development Manager for Xenia Estates


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