Gemma Redmond of Xenia Estates, believes having a strong Company Culture can vastly and positively impact operations, but have you ever sat down and thought about why? Truly believing and investing in your Company Culture could do wonders for your business – strong values, behaviours, and a shared vision should be your business mantras. These factors all contribute towards Xenia’s environment for success and we will continue to build upon them.


Company Culture goes beyond the free perks in the office; yes, they all contribute but the deep bedded core values is what makes your culture. It can help increase your revenue growth by 4x the amount, so why wouldn’t you want to nurture a positive culture? It’s important to manage culture and create purposeful steps that leaders can take to shape a company which in time translates to unspoken behaviours, mindsets, and natural social patterns.


In December 2021, Xenia Estates were finalists for the “Employer Of The Year” in The News on the Block Awards 2021; a powerful achievement in a challenging year for everyone. We pride ourselves on creating opportunities for others that lead to success, an important objective that drives Xenia. You might be asking yourself, what is the importance of company culture? That comes down to two simple words, Company Growth.


It is important to look within the Company and align your objectives with the way people interact with each other. You can hire the best in class, you can have the most interactive team, however, unless they are all working towards a common goal, your company culture will undoubtedly suffer and therefore your growth.


Creating Happy Staff


This might sound simple, but it can be the hardest thing to get right. Employees will encounter different problems at work, so a blanket approach to solve any issues won’t work for everyone. What makes one person happy at work, might not be the same for someone else. Here at Xenia, we have dedicated Mental Health Officers to support every employee, beyond corporate responsibilities.


Our approach to happy staff:

  • Big or small, we celebrate the wins
  • A clear mission, makes work purposeful
  • Workplace environment that feels like home
  • More than just colleagues; friends outside of work
  • We want to keep you, longevity of employment


Company Culture must stand out, be present in the workplace and be inclusive for everyone to feel part of it. Work shouldn’t be viewed as the monotonous task of turning up each day and getting it done. You can come to work and be professional but also satisfy your social needs; you can enjoy what you do with reasonable balance and not have the ‘Monday dread’!



Taking this a step further, Charity Events and Team Building are a big part of life here at Xenia. We took on The 20 Mile Edale Skyline Walk from Hope Valley with our partner company, Xenia Students to raise money for Student Minds. All avenues of the company came together to make a positive impact on the student community. We raised £980 for a great cause and had fun as a team doing so.


Company culture must change and grow with company direction. Growth together is important; therefore this must be aligned with your culture otherwise it’s hard to progress. We facilitate growth by:


  • Embracing transparency
  • Recognising and rewarding valuable contributions
  • Cultivating strong co-worker relationships
  • Agile working and increased flexible practises
  • Continual professional career development opportunities


A recent expansion saw us move part of our operation into a New Office Located in Central Manchester, this was made successful by having such a strong company culture and values that could translate across the two offices, resulting in them working seamlessly with one another.


Proactive Customer Service


Having happy staff translates into proactive customer service; it gives us the tools to execute our jobs to the best of our ability. Customer service is our opportunity to connect with customers, solve problems, and show them we care. It can resonate with customers for years to come, which is why we pay close attention and reinforce the following points:


  • Emotional intelligence
  • Great communication
  • Resourcefulness
  • Passion
  • Customer advocacy
  • Assertiveness and directness
  • Empathy


The need for proactive customer service is easy to theorise, but what actions do we take daily to make it happen? Our team all work towards building and developing these skills in addition to achieving the relevant qualifications.


This highlights how our business objectives are upheld and the company culture improves customer service. The team feel empowered to put the customer first.


Happy Clients


Our clients feel the direct impact of our culture as it translates into everything we do; we care for their properties just as we would our own homes.



Following our initial face to face meetings with Xenia we were impressed with their professionalism. The new management structure and marketing strategy saw occupancy levels increase over the past two years. Clear lines of communication, Xenia have managed and established a steady base for successful investment in Liverpool.” – Leasehold Property Owner, St Cyprians


To push beyond expectations is standing out; the extra mile. We stick to our traditional solutions but fuse this with innovation to be a modern provider of Property Services.


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Xenia Estates covers a range of services for clients including Developers, Freeholders, Residential Management Companies and Right to Manage leaseholder groups. This full-spectrum approach requires agile work, strong company culture and a mixture of conventional and modern industry skills.


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Right now, we’re taking on the Step into Spring Challenge, which involves walking 4,500km in March for Student Minds! You can sponsor us via our JustGiving page.


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